Sunday Morning Small Group Opportunities

We provide a number of new and different opportunities for discussion and fellowship at 9:15 am, following early worship.

Growing in Faith Together  Group – meets in the Library – John Orr & Becky Witmer, co-facilitators

Building Christian Character  Group –  meets in Rm 14, across from the Nursery – Summer discussion focus – “ Real Life Issues “ Todd Bell, facilitator

Life Ministries  Group – meets in Rm 12, across from Preschool  discussion focus – “The Mission of Jesus“

Ron Hepner, facilitator

Older Adult Friendship Class – meets in the Chapel

Summer focus – “ David C Cook Quarterly Lesson Books “  Ina Schoffstall & Duane Snell, facilitators

Coffee, Conversation, and Current Events  Group – meets in   the room off the kitchen.    Pastor Alan, facilitator

focus – “The Intersection of Life and Faith”

Men of Integrity  Group – meets across from church office  focus – Men’s issues

Preschool – Nicole Hooper, facilitator

Elementary Ages – Lisa VanOlden, Lori Schoffstall, Tina Fetter,Tammy Schade, facilitators

 – PLUS –  Our Youth Sunday School classes:

Jr./Sr. High Youth – Alicia Spicher, Scott Teats, facilitators