New PictureOperation Christmas Child

A look at the calendar tells us that it is time to begin collecting items for our 2017 OCC Shoebox Ministry campaign, and to be reminded of how this simple ministry brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of children throughout the world.

Out of the 11,486,773 Shoeboxes that were collected worldwide,  9,122,910 came from the United States. ( WOW ! )

Since 2009, more than 11 million children who received a shoebox gift have participated in The Greatest Journey – a 12 lesson follow-up discipleship program that helps children and their families dig deeper into establishing a relationship with Jesus – one that goes beyond the basic pamphlet that is inserted into every shoebox.

Changes for 2017:

Due to the tightening of customs regulations in many countries, candy and toothpaste can cause complications. These items will no longer be allowed in shoeboxes this year.

Since 2006, the suggested contribution for each shoebox has been $7. This year the suggested contribution has beenincreased to $9. This donation provides for the costs associated with the collection, processing and shipping of shoebox gifts.

Collection Dates: Grace Church will once again serve as one of the nearly 5,000 drop off locations across the U.S.

The dates for collection this year are from the 13th to the 19 of November. 

Each shoe box also contains the message of  Jesus in their native language. To learn more go to www.samaritan’ We recommend that you watch some of the videos to get a good understanding of the value of this ministry. God Bless You!  We thank you and remain available to answer any questions or concerns you may have: John Orr, Diane Tobias, and Linda Leshko.