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Operation Christmas Child Shoebox ministry brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of children throughout the world.

           OCC Shoebox time is fast approaching !

The OCC committee has busy, working on ways to help make your money go farther. There is an Operation Christmas Child warehouse in Chambersburg, where we can purchase items that are commonly packed in shoeboxes at greatly reduced prices. For example, we can purchase (5) yo-yo’s for the same price as (1) at a retail store price. So, listed below are this year’s changes to our program:

Basic Pre-packed Box: It is not uncommon to spend $25 – $35 or more on a shoebox. We are proposing to sell ‘Basic Boxes’ at a cost of $7 to $10. The basic box would contain most of the common items found in a shoebox – (toothbrush, school kit, T-shirt, hygiene items, a small toy or game, etc.) . You can take the basic box and add (1) or (2) ‘WOW’ items to personalize the box. Our hope is that by saving you money, you will be willing to do (2) boxes rather than (1), or to buy nicer ‘WOW’ items. Basic box items will be on display soon.

Build Your Own Box: If you wish to build your entire box yourself, you are also welcome to do that. As

Always, empty shoeboxes will be available for your use.

Donations: This year, rather than collecting individual shoebox items, we are asking for cash donations . (If you have already purchased items to donate, we will gladly accept them.) The cash donations will allow us to purchase items from the warehouse for the youth to pack complete shoeboxes and cover the $9 OCC shipping and handling cost.

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes are one of the most cost-efficient mission outreach projects, reaching millions of children and their families. To learn more, talk with Diane Tobias, Cathy Atchison, Linda Leshko, or John Orr.