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Operation Christmas Child Shoebox ministry brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of children throughout the world.

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Summer is in full swing, and before we know it, it will be time to go shopping for back-to-school clothes and supplies. Unfortunately, in many areas of the world, school supplies are expensive, and hard to come by. If children do not have their own school supplies, they cannot attend school.

Small items such as pencils, notebooks, rulers, etc. can be the difference between being able to go to school or not being able to go to school. We would like to supply all of our shoeboxes this year with the supplies that will help these children get an education.

So, for the months of July and August, we will be Collecting the following school supplies: Pencils/pens; Pencil sharpeners; Small notebooks or writing pads; Scissors; Erasers; Rulers; Crayons; Colored pencils; Pencil cases; Calculators ($1.47 at Walmart in the school section); Glue sticks (regular glue bottles cannot be sent); Small dry erase boards (Dollar General $1.00).

As always, feel free to drop your donations in the box inside the front entrance doors, or on the center table in the workroom across from the newly-remodeled bathrooms.

Thank you for the support and donations you have given over the last few months. We will be able to bless many children with your contributions.

on Christmas Child News :  by Cathy Atchison


If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 717-692-2896. Happy Packing!




Cathy Atchison, OCC in-house collections coordinator

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